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Public Safety

PowerOasis CTO Pete Bishop and Richard Martin of Motorola Solutions discuss the role of resilient power when disaster strikes ...

PowerOasis is the global leader in intelligent energy management solutions which drive energy efficiency and increase network power resilience.  We have a disruptive technology that differentiates our solution and enables new paths to market. We are growing quickly and have an expanding list of top-tier customers in many sectors and across multiple countries.

PowerOasis offer a unique combination of expertise in power, battery technologies, remote monitoring and sensing, and secure communications that are relevant for mission-critical site power systems across a range of sectors and industries. Our solutions are based on a third-generation Cloud technology platform for remote site management. We provide solutions which are easy to install and maintain, and offer the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). PowerOasis solutions bring performance and simplicity to a complex environment.



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Our Cloud technology platform has benefits in a wide range of sectors including telecoms and utilities; oil & gas; retail, industrial and manufacturing; and public safety. Drawing on our deep understanding of power system technologies, remote monitoring and telecommunications, we are designing solutions that address the sector-specific challenges in energy management, monitoring and control.

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Our Solutions

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Our solutions are a combination of tailored software and hardware, services, reporting tools and complementary products that are bundled together economically for wide scale deployments. They support centralised monitoring and control of large-scale networks of sites, whether they are distributed around the town or across the globe.

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Our Products

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Our core products are PowerOasis Manager, a Cloud-based server platform, and the SmartHub on-site intelligent controller. PowerOasis products are proven from hundreds of deployments in the most challenging environments globally. Our service offerings allow users to derive maximum benefit from the technology.

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